About Me

My name is Jubian Kabir, and I’m currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at City College of New York. I was born in New York, United States, but lived in Dhaka, Bangladesh. By living in both worlds, I learned to adapt to different environments and cultures.

 I learned and honed many skills throughout my adolescence, such as graphic designing, web development, novel writing, and screenwriting. Currently, I’m learning programming using the C++ language to better understand and become competent for the upcoming courses I have to take for my degree. These skills have also allowed me to dabble in freelancing. I have freelanced for only six months and only specialized in graphic designing.

I enjoy watching films. My main enjoyment from watching films comes from the exploration I have with the film-making such as the cinematography and dialogue. I have talked more about my love of films in my Introductory Essay.

About The Portfolio

In my portfolio, you’ll be able to view the work I have done for the FIQWS 10008 and FIQWS 10108 courses. The works include three essays and one picture book. I have included reflections on each assignment that talk about the ups and downs I’ve had with the specific work. The first drafts of each writing piece have also been included. I hope you enjoy reading them.



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